Write up by Kevin Kiekel former owner of the infamous Boxcar of Southport CT

A Write up by our good friend and Brother Kevin Kiekel Thanks Kevin for the Amazing Words and for Everything you’ve done for us

I can’t be any prouder, to see this Modern Southern Rock Band make they’re dream come true recording their 1st debut CD in Nashville with Grammy Award winner musician/producer Johnny Neel. And, these are the most talented musicians, band, and singers I’ve seen in a long, long, time.

Michael Turgeon is an incredible front man, singer, a mix where Lynyrd Skynyrd meets Metallica with 2 incredible guitarists who remind us of Blackfoot, the Outlaws, the Allman Bros, all meeting in a blind alley to jam, and sporting the best guitar solo’s that good ole Southern Rock gave us, when we all 1st heard the sound and those songs, and then fell insyanyly in love.

The Bass & purcussions takes the band to the next level, while Beth adds pure southern beauty with her beautiful voice and beauty gracing the stage, and she makes Biker Mike belt out his own unique voice just to make the Screamin Eagle Band reach their own unique sound and voice, re-introducing Southern Rock, that we loved back then but with modern day today…

You might not be able to re-invent the wheel, but you sure can re-invent modern southern rock with the Screamin Eagle Band. But just wait till Johnny Neel gets his hands on this project, writes, plays, and produces this CD to make it become nothing short of amazing and pure genius when it’s ready for You to hear !!!