Today’s Premiere Modern Southern Rock Style Band


Check out our newest single! Click to play the FULL version of  “Tailspin

Please check out our first original single! Click to play a short sample of  “Mississippi Mud”

Click here for a short sample of  “Modern Day Outlaw

Click here for a short sample of Smokin’ with the Preacher”

Check out our newest single! Click to play the FULL version of “Winner take all

Check out our newest single! Click to play the FULL version of “Load my Baby

  The Screamin Eagle Band is Connecticut’s Busiest, Hardest Workin’, Hardest Hittin’ Original, Classic Rock with a Southern flair  band!



One thought on “Today’s Premiere Modern Southern Rock Style Band

  1. Some unsolicited comments…

    Irene M. Love you guys. You made it a great dancin’ night.
    Kristina L. It was well worth it.
    Guylaine Beaudoin-Chasse M. You guys are really good. Will for sure go see you guys perform again.
    Nancy Giorgio-K. This is a local ct band that is going places !!! People follow and like them. We love them!!!!! Great big thank you guys !!!!!!! We love you!!!!
    Jason L. Cheers! Screamin Eagle Band Rocks!
    Jeff G. Happy to be on the bill with these guys; they are great!!
    Irene M. First time I heard you guys last night. Terrific! Awesome southern rock! Great to meet you. Good people! Can’t wait to see you again.
    Wes M. Hey, great show tonight, guys. I played your single all the way home!
    Jeff W. KICK ASS rock n roll!!!!
    Pamela B. You guys are awesome!!
    James McCann
    Attorney at Law – Mike;
    Caught the first few songs of your set at City Limits yesterday. Great Band!!! Too bad you guys went on so late, and I had to sit through some mediocrity (at best). Deep was good. Notwithstanding the small crowd, you guys rocked. Great rhythm section. I am 66 years old, and have been playing guitar for 55 years. Toured for 9 years, back in the late ’60’s through the ’70’s. I had the privilege to share billings with Humble Pie, Rod Stewart and the Faces, Buddy Miles, Iggy Pop, Billy Squire, etc. You are a great front man. Kinda remind me of my singer back in the day, Ralph Morman (ex Joe Perry Project, ex Savoy Brown). My wife and I do not get out that much anymore, but I will come to see you guys. I would just have to take a nap, as it is hard for me to stay up past 10. BTW, $5 for a beer is too much for the band, especially when you are doing a benefit. Rock on kid!!
    Jim McCann
    Danny H – I wanted to share some good news with you today. I have met this bad ass band recently, CT home grown and if you really want to see a great band, in fact I think they are the best in CT, you have got to see them. They bring you all the classics in style. I invited most of the members in here today and hopefully they will join in.

    If you get a chance, definitely go see them. No lie, they will make you come out of your depression and get you rolling like a kid again.

    Of course I’m talking about Screamin Eagles …

    I’m sure one of them will update this post and give you some links.

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